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At RnB Window Cleaning, we are “Manchester’s Best Window Cleaning Service”!  All of our customers are talking about us.  Is it because we are rated “Manchester’s Best Window Cleaning Service”?  Could it be because we use the latest window-cleaning technology to clean your windows? Or is it because we clean not only your windows but also the frames, sills, and doors? Or, perhaps it’s our warm and friendly customer service, our competitive pricing, or our 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook? Yes, they are talking about all these things. But when you see your windows streak-free and stay cleaner for longer, you too will be talking about us! We started in May 2018 and have already built a reputation for excellence. We take pride in our work and pay attention to every detail.  Have you tried “Manchester’s Best Window Cleaning Service” yet?

We are Manchester's Best Rated Window Cleaning Service

Our philosophy is simple, we treat our customers how we would like to be treated. Our focus on customer care and doing every job just like our first. With a focus on the smallest details can be seen with our 5 star rated customers reviews. We always send a message the day before we are due and our customers love how easy we have made it to pay.

Best Window cleaners in Manchester

Manchester's Best Windlw Cleaners, Pete and Tom standing outside the first two vans

R n B Window Cleaning, Family run since 2018.

Window cleaning is our main source of business. However, we don't just give your windows that sparkle. We clean gutters, soffits and facias, solar panels, skylights too. We even clean those hard to reach windows above conservatories and extensions. Never confuse us with any other window cleaning service of similar name.

Manchester's Best Window Cleaning Service

We are proud of our reviews on Google and Facebook

No Ladder Service

NO ladders required. With NO ladders, we remain safe on the ground and you will love the end result.

We cover all areas in Manchester and welcome commercial window cleaning opportunities too. If you’re looking for “Manchester’s Best Rated” window cleaning service, you have already found us. We look forward to helping you view the world through cleaner, streak-free windows.

So now you know so much about us, let us know a little more about you! How can we help you keep the exterior of your home looking its best. You can find all our contact details on the Contact Us page. Or reach out to use on Facebook, Instagram or Nextdoor.

Pete and Tom

R n B Window Cleaning

Rated “Manchester’s Best Window Cleaning Service”!

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Our Fleet

Our Very First Van

From day one we knew there were many people unhappy with their window cleaners. We equipped our van with the latest and best technology to ensure we could give customers the best possible results.

Manchester's Best

Our Second Van

Our customers told their friends and family about us, so we needed to purchase a second van and fit it out with the same technology. This has helped us reach more customers than ever.

Manchester's Best

Our Fleet Continues To Grow

As more and more customers find out about us we have continue to grow our fleet to keep up with the growing demand. Not only has our fleet continued to expand, so has our staff too. We have a nice mix of fully trained staff to ensure we reach all our customers.

What Can You Expect From

“Manchester's Best Rated Window Cleaning Service!”

Working Across Greater Manchester

"Manchester Best Rated Window Cleaning Service"

Apart from keeping your windows, frames, sills, and doors cleaned on a month-to-month basis, we also offer a complete gutter cleaning service. Keeping your gutters clean can prevent various problems further down the line. With our high tech gutter VAC, we can show you the before and after of your gutters. We can also show what we have collected from your gutters.

We can clean your soffits and facias. We do all this while staying on the ground.

We clean conservatories, conservatory roofs, solar panels, and skylights – our fibreglass poles and pure water-fed pole technology allow us to reach even the most difficult-to-reach windows. Whether you have a window above your conservatory or another tricky area, we can clean it. Our reputation is built on reliability, excellent customer service, and customer satisfaction. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

You Have Questions?

Here Are Some Answers!


We send all our customers a reminder by Text Message the night before we are due to clean your windows.

Many of our customers leave their gates unlocked, and we close them over when we leave.  (We can only secure your gate if there is a catch or a bolt on the side we enter from)

For health and safety reasons we never climb over gates, walls or fences.  We don’t know what may be at the other side and climbing over any gates, walls or fences may cause damage to your property.

We send a Text Message reminder the night before we are due to clean your windows.  If you have not left your gate unlocked we will not clean any windows beyond that point.

We will not climb any gates, walls or fences.  We could slip, fall or injure our self’s.  Also, we don’t climb any gates, walls or fences in doing so may cause damage to your property.

Any gates that are left unlocked we always close behind us.  We will also use any bolt or catch that is on the same side as we entered from.

Some of our customer pay us cash on the day.  However, the vast majority of our customers are not home when we clean their windows.

We offer three ways to pay.  You can pay with cash, standing order or manual bank transfers.

Our bank details are on our Text Reminder Service that we always send the night before we are due to clean your windows.

We do not use soap or any soaps or additives in our water.  We use pure water to clean your windows.  This technology not only cleans the glass it also cleans the frames, sills and rubber around your windows too.

Pure water is water that has had its contaminants removed.  There are two ways to create pure water.

1. Distillation.

The distillation process is the most expensive way to obtain pure water.  This is dues to the energy cost when heating the water.  This process involves heating the water and collecting the steam vapour into a clean vessel.

2. Deionisation

Deionisation is the cheaper way of obtaining pure water over the distillation process.  No heat is required to create Deionised water.  Instead of using heat we use filters.  Water passes through a particle filter to remove any microcopic particles that may damage or clogg any of out other filters.  Next, the water passes through our active carbon filter.  This removes up to 99 percent of total suspended solids, volatile organic compounds, sediment, heavy metals, chloramines, and other contaminants.  Next our water goes through.  We then pass our water through Reverse Osmosis membrane filter.  This ensure our water is now the best it can be before passing through our resin chamber.  Passing our ulter clean filtered water though the resin chamber charges the water with a positive charge.  This make any dirt and debris you have on your windows stick to the water and gets rinsed away in our final rinse.

It’s not what is in our water, it’s what we have removed from everyday tap water.

All our water goes through our five stage filtration process.  It’s this filtration process that removes  mineral ions, such as calcium, copper and iron and any natural salts.  What’s left behind is pure water.

We use a device called a TDS Meter.  A TDS Meter measures the purity of water and tells you how many solids you have present in the water.

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids.  These solids are made up of various contaminants that may leave blemishes on your windows.  However, we regularly test our water to ensure we only ever use the purest water possible to clean your windows.

NO.  Pure water is safe to drink.  Our water will not harm your pets or plants.

When we clean your windows without fibreglass poles and soft window cleaning brush, we rinse them over with pure water.

This process removes all the dirt and grime from your windows, sills, frames and doors.  After the rinsing process some water is left behind.  If left to dry it leaves no smears, streaks or stains.

Streak and smears appear when trying to remove water from the glass using a contaminated cloth.

If you leave your windows to dry, you will see they are steak free and spotless?